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 Zero Transport, LLC is a Michigan based small family oriented trucking company.  We cover expedited freight for all industries within the United States, Mexico and Canada.

 We accommodate the freight by utilizing our OTR Straight Truck and Tractor Trailer Solo's and Teams.

 Zero Transport, LLC is a contract fleet proudly leased to Tri State Expedited Services based in Millbury, OH.  We offer Class A or B CDL Expedite Truck Driving Jobs




 Our mission is to provide quality service to all customers and provide safe and timely  expedited deliveries.


 We take pride in our  professional truck drivers who have a great work ethic. 

We feel it is very important to communicate with our drivers with respect and understanding. 


Zero Transport, LLC has truck driving jobs available requiring a Class A or Class B CDL





 The Trucks in our fleet consist of  over 30 late model Freightliners with APU's. The trucks range from Straight Trucks with a 22' box to Tractor Trailers with 53' dry van.


Our maintenance department is diligent at maintaining our trucks for optimal performance. Our OTR trucks have  Sleepers equipped with a TV, Microwave, Prepass / EZ pass and Qualcomm.


 Zero Transport, LLC also offers a Lease / Purchase Program after six months of employment.


Straight Truck Team Expedite 96 inch sleeper

Mike Owens - ( Straight Truck)


"Awesome to work for Zero Transport couldn't ask for any better."

Diane Allen - ( Straight Truck)

"Been with Zero 1 and half years. Honest and descent company . Trucks are not old , well maintained and they Care about Their Drivers no Lip Service Here! Seriously, they will do you Right the First Time!"


Moneen Hay - (Straight Truck)

So far this company has treated a new driver to the industry, with the most respect I have ever received. I love my job once again.

Patricia Anderson-( Straight Truck)

"Worked here for almost 5 years. They take good care of their trucks. Great crew to work for. Couldn't ask for more."

Rose Phares - ( Straight Truck)


"Wonderful company! Good pay, new truck, and great people to work for."

Expediting isn't just trucking, it's a lifestyle;
Expediting isn't just a lifestyle, it's an adventure;
Expediting isn't just an adventure, it's a job;
Expediting isn't just a job, it's a business.

April Rash — ( Straight Truck)

" I have been with zero for 8yrs. I wouldn't think about going anywhere else. The people are great and the equipment is well maintain.Keep on trucken and be safe."


Royal Lee Johnson —( Tractor Trailer)


"These people are awesome to work for. I've been driving for 35 plus years and I'm a picky person of who I work for. A company that's really just down to the basics. If you are straight up with them, then that's what you are gonna get in return. It's a no BS company with no promises of a free ride.
If you are willing to ,then they will make sure you have what it takes to make it happen"


Jason Klingensmith — (Straight Truck)


 "Great place to call home. Been with them for almost ten years and hope for many more."




Creston Percival - ( Tractor Trailer )


"Great people to work with.. they'll work with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy.. great equipment.. will definitely come back. If they'll let me."


 Current NEWS

        HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 !!!

 expedite expo in lexington, ky  2018






1ST PLACE   $500.00

2ND Place    $250.00

3rd Place     $100.00





MATS in Louisville, KY April 24, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  2017

December 14, 2016


Terry and Amanda Simmons

We would like to feature this Husband / Wife Tractor Trailer Team. They hired on with us this year and we are so happy they decided to do just that. They didn't know very much about the Expediting industry but was willing to give it a shot. Since they started, it seems as though they were meant to be expediters because they just "Get it". We have not had to coach them too much at all. They are always very respectful and eager to do a good job. We encouraged them to get their hazmat endorsements because we have many opportunities for teams to get hazmat loads. They went right home to take their tests the first chance they had home time.

This is their short story that we would like to share:

"We are Terry and Amanda Simmons and are a husband wife team. We started working for Zero Transportation in September 2016. We really enjoy our jobs. Korey and his staff are awesome to work for! Expedited freight is a whole new experience for us. You must be detailed and know how to time manage, plus be able to convert the time zones to understand your delivery times. We have seen a lot of country, at different times of the year."

Thank you Terry and Amanda for being so awesome!
Great pictures by the way!

From the Zero Transport, LLC Staff

NOVEMBER 15, 2016



SEPTEMBER 11- 17, 2016

Long-time Large Fleet Owner Korey Walper Relies On Partnership With Fyda Freightliner

By Carol Hill September 09, 2016 12:06:00



What makes a man’s insight meaningful?

What makes a man’s insight hold weight?

What makes a man’s insight so respectable that you have to stop and consider adopting the same habits yourself? Experience and success. When a man has been honing a craft successfully for many years, it deserves a closer look.

Korey Walper is a Michigan man to his core. He comes from Michigan, he lives in Michigan, and to the dismay of his friends in Columbus, OH, he bleeds maize and blue from the University of Michigan. For over sixteen years, Walper has had his hands in the trucking industry, wearing many different hats and gaining substantial knowledge. He has steadily grown his Tri-State-backed fleet to over thirty trucks in just nine years. His business and his fleet have been models of sustained growth in the expedite market.

Walper began his trucking days working as a dispatcher at Ryder. From there, he took his talents to Air Ride where he served as a dispatcher once again. But in 2004, Walper took the plunge to go out on the road as an expedite driver. As was normal in that era of expediting, Walper bought a Ford E-350 and officially signed onto Panther in 2004 as a driver for the first time. For two years, Walper saw steady success, growing his fleet to five Sprinter and Cargo Vans.

As he paid closer attention to the changing of the times in expedite, Walper began transitioning his purchases away from vans and into straight trucks. Simply put, that’s where the money was. In 2006, Walper purchased his first straight truck and a year later signed on with Tri-State. While he saw the opportunity to grow this fleet, he still had not found that partner that he felt would put him over the top.

“In 2009, I was looking to take advantage of some slightly used trucks for pennies on the dollar.” It was then that Walper first met Bobby Snyder from Fyda Freightliner. “He had a great deal at the time for M2 107 Freightliners.” Walper was blown away by his experience with Fyda. Over the years, Walper has purchased over forty trucks directly from Fyda Freightliner and does not plan to change.

“Fyda is fantastic! They take care of everything we could want from a dealership.” When asked about his experience with Bobby Snyder in particular, Walper boasted, “Bobby has the trucks spec’d perfectly and usually has them delivered to my door within a few days of our need.” After being asked about how Fyda has affected his business, he stated, “The uniform spec and reliability has increased efficiency and profitability.” What else could someone look for?

His closing comments about Bobby Snyder and Fyda Freightliner was simple: “They treat you like family.” 

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) launches new safety-focused campaign, “Our Roads, Our Responsibility,” to raise public awareness about how to operate safely around large trucks and buses.…




Our Roads, Our Responsibility

Want to learn more information about how to drive safely, but not sure how to get started? View the Our Roads, Our Responsibility campaign materials which include safety tips and infographics.

Safety is important to Zero Transport

 expedite expo in lexington, ky  2016

Zero Transport, LLC  Truck Driving Jobs

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